Monkey Business blog 2018


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Monkey Business blog 2018

Saturday 6 January 2018

 Monkey Business had  a lovely atmosphere with superb performances ,leading to the audience cheering very loudly at the end of the show .

Many thanks to all the performers .
Caroline Kennedy`s opera singing was just incredible 

Caroline Kennedy                   Mark Felgate                               Steve McClean                 Mathew Heighton                          Maggie  Kowalski


Saturday 13 January 2018

Monkey Business last night
A full house , an electric atmosphere and superb performances 
from   Rayguns Look Real Enough ,Laura Lexx ,Catherine Bohart ,& Joseph Jacobs .



Saturday 3 February 2018

Monkey Business .It was absolutely brilliant with a full house , a superb atmosphere ,and wonderful performances .Our acts were James Veitch , Alan Francis , Otiz Cannelloni,Darren Altman , Paul Merryck


Saturday 10 February 2018

Nick Doody & Harriet Briane headlined a fantastic evening of comedy


Saturday 17 February 2018

Monkey Business last night .A wonderful eveningThe audience were again fantastic .The acts were all superb ,Thank you to Paddy Lennox ,Ethan Lawrence ,Daisy Earl ,Matt Heath Ava Vidal who absolutely stormed it as closing act


Saturday 10 March 2018 

A nice evening with these comedians

Steve Best                                       Nick Dixon                             James Farmer        James Hancox                           & James Hobbs


Thursday 15 March 2018

Photos taken at Monkey Business last night Thursday 15 March 2018
My good friend Lee Nelson /Simon Brodkin who made headlines throughout the world recently with his throwing golf balls at Donald Trump ,and handing Teresa May her p45 in parliament came to perform some new material .
When I mentioned to him that his hands were noticeable shaking at his p45 stunt ,he admitted that he had been genuinely afraid that he could have been badly beaten up or even shot .

Saturday 17 March 2018

A very enjoyable evening photos of acts below

Juan Robinson                         Spring Day                            Daniel Muggleton            Tariq Robin Muman                   Louisa Gola