Sat 20 July The Pembroke Castle Camden


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THE NELSON TWINS  at Monkey Business Comedy Club
Very Special guests One of Australia`biggest & funniest acts THE NELSON TWINS “ It wasn’t easy being the only four year-olds at kindergarten with full grown beards.” Chris NelsonThe Nelson Twins are one of the most unique stand up comedy acts in the world. Raised in rural New South Wales, they have been performing as a duo for the past 6 years. From their humble beginnings in 2006, the twins have fast become one of the most sought after double acts in Australia, dazzling corporate and club crowds alike with their cheeky humour. Their big bushranger beards and cracking one liner jokes are just a part of an amazing act never before seen on the comedy circuit. The boys are constantly bickering amongst themselves on stage and are never afraid to tackle a comment from an audience member. They have won several comedy awards in their short career and shown their versatility by performing to sold out audiences in Edinburgh during the 2010 Fringe Festival. Their TV credits include Australia’s Got Talent, The Footy Show, NBC’S Last Comic Standing, 2010 Australian IQ Test and a host of TV/internet commercials including Pepsi Next, X-Box and Canadian Club. The Nelson Twins have also filmed several commissioned TV pilots including FUNTV (Wilfred Productions), In Melbourne Tonight (Network 7), Slumdog Travel (Capital TV Productions) and Pimp My Act (Sparkz Production). In 2015 National Geographic employed the twins as daredevil action men on the 14 part series How to Win at Everything. The series is hosted by well-known British TV/Radio Presenter Tim Shaw and airs in over 170 countries around the world. In addition, the twins are regular radio guests offering their opinions on a range of topics from sibling rivalry to the war in Afghanistan. As well as being talented actors and comedians, the boys have put their writing skills to good use and formulated a curriculum based program for secondary schools. Their ability to adapt material to young and older audiences makes them a ‘must see’ for your next event. “Brilliant!” Dannii Minogue“These fellas are destined to be household names – they’ve got wit, intelligence and fantastic comic timing. I hate them.” Jeff Green – International Comedian“The Nelson Twins are a gift to the Comedy industry. Inspiring and hilarious, one of my truly favourite acts.” Fiona O’Loughlin (MICF Barry Award Nominee)“The Nelson Twins’ irreverent take on Aussie small town life was the perfect finish to our Comedy Night. Not only were the Nelson Twins the absolute consummate professions offstage but they were hilarious on stage too. They pitched their act perfectly for our audience and we’ve had rave reviews from all our guests.” Autism Spectrum“Absolutely hilarious! Both Chris and Justin were a pleasure to work with, their performance was second to none and helped us successfully launch our latest venue, The Curious Squire!” Beyond Imagination Entertainment
SCOTT CAPURRO  at Monkey Business Comedy Club
very funny /interesting Camp /funny award-winning SCOTT CAPURRO "Even in these open-minded days this hugely experienced provocateur would not get a whiff of the mainstream with his set that took in crucifixion, the holocaust and baby murder. The clapping was accompanied by the whirr of Mary Whitehouse spinning in her grave."Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard Scott Capurro is crude, rude and out of line. He’s also hilarious.”Prague Post," He had me sweating and he only grew funnier throughout his segment, especially because of his devil-may-care nonchalance."Cape Town Times," Capurro still rushes in where most straight comedians would be terrified to tread"The Scotsman, "He is sleeker and wittier than ever before and there can be few comics who make an art of insulting their audience while simultaneously seducing them.A MUST SEE!"The Stage, "The most fearless and technically perfect stand up on the circuit."The Guardian +
MADAME GALINA KORSAKOVA at Monkey Business Comedy Club
highly entertaining very funny MADAME GALINA KORSAKOVA Press Quotes "A rare and perfect synthesis of art and larkiness...waspish, retro-Noel Cowardish wit laced with Nancy Mitford...the audience howled with laughter, stamped and cheered". The Times, "A fond farewell to the spectacular Madame Galina, who held us in thrall every night this week...eccentric and entertaining...More! More!" Chistopher Matthew, Daily Mail TV Critic "An excrutiatingly funny cod ballet masterclass". Swedish Daily Journal "It doesn't come any better than this" Ruby Wax "BonkersJuly 2004 "Madame Galina is sensational...brilliantly written and fantastically funny". ***** The Stage "Amazing...the body movements of Natalia Makarova, the body type of Johnny Vegas...Madame Galina is a unique and fabulous creation". **** The Scotsman "With aplomb in everything she does, the autocratic chubette serves up cunning double ententes and multiple pirouettes while chivvying the audience into hilarious onstage participation...More bolshy than Bolshoi!" The Heral
 KONSTANTIN KISIN at Monkey Business Comedy Club
recently made news all over the world Russian-born, British-based stand-up funny /satirist KONSTANTIN KISIN
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