Sat 3 Nov The Pembroke Castle Camden


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ROSS SMITH at Monkey Business Comedy Club
Brilliant young stand up ROSS SMITH Hot newcomer Ross Smith is taking the comedy circuit (and the internet) by storm. Having only started gigging in 2015, he's a regular at some of the capital's biggest comedy clubs. His personable, relaxed style and contemporary material, underpinned by clever wordplay and self deprecating humour, has made him one of the country's most exciting emerging acts. In 2018, he made headlines around the world when he agreed to go on holiday with complete strangers, taking the place of another man called Ross Smith. His viral adventure and the aftermath is the subject of his debut Edinburgh show, I Am Ross Smith. Press 'Laugh-out loud gags and more subtle jokes that are cleverly set up ... Go and see I Am Ross Smith' Bruce Dessau, Beyond The Joke ★★★★ 'An assured debut, and it'll be great to hear more from him' The List ★★★★ 'Smith keeps his comedy smart, keeps the crowd entertained and keeps the dull moments at bay with an impressive show that has one thing few Fringe shows do: a truly unique story' Ed Fest Mag ★★★★ Featured in The Times Critical List: Edinburgh Special "One of my favorite acts." Joel Dommett "Hilarious and original." Nish Kumar
IAN COGNITO at Monkey Business Comedy Club
Wild beast of comedy controversial mad man Award -Winning IAN COGNITO "Ian Cognito delivered a performance with all the presence, clarity and direction of a true virtuoso player. This electrifying, terrifying and ultimately vulnerable performer warmed a cold Glasgow audience to boiling point. Stand up should always be like this" - The List "Cognito’s indignant polemic is a bracing antidote to more amiable routines. When a comedian can transform rage into humour without diluting their passion, the result is always riveting. Share his inspired madness" - The Guardian "Cognito puts them all in the shade. If you want to know what's wrong with New Britain, Ian Cognito’s going to tell you. And if you don’t, you’d be advised to keep your mouth shut. Just stunning" - The Guardian If messed up comedians are the most interesting, Ian Cognito is up there with the greats. He rants but not without thought. How is the comeback going? Very nastily, thanks" - The Evening Standard "After half an hour in the company of the constantly self-excoriating Cognito, all other comedians begin to seem like people in public relations." - The Evening Standard Cognito is still hard to ignore, a raging bull goaded by a flaming sense of injustice." - The Independent "There is no doubting Ian Cognito’s blazing talent as a stand up, but his capacity for self destruction has ensured he’s never gained the recognition or status he’d otherwise have so effortlessly claimed. You know Cognito will never prostitute what he does just to play the game, he is a comedian through and through." - Time Out
 PAOLA PODESTA  at Monkey Business Comedy Club
highly entertaining very funny MADAME GALINA KORSAKOVA Press Quotes "A rare and perfect synthesis of art and larkiness...waspish, retro-Noel Cowardish wit laced with Nancy Mitford...the audience howled with laughter, stamped and cheered". The Times, "A fond farewell to the spectacular Madame Galina, who held us in thrall every night this week...eccentric and entertaining...More! More!" Chistopher Matthew, Daily Mail TV Critic "An excrutiatingly funny cod ballet masterclass". Swedish Daily Journal "It doesn't come any better than this" Ruby Wax "Bonkers diva brilliance...his jokes are spot on and the dancing not nearly as bad as you might expect from a flat-footed lard arse...he is essential viewing" Evening Standard July 2004 "Madame Galina is sensational...brilliantly written and fantastically funny". ***** The Stage "Amazing...the body movements of Natalia Makarova, the body type of Johnny Vegas...Madame Galina is a unique and fabulous creation". **** The Scotsman "With aplomb in everything she does, the autocratic chubette serves up cunning double ententes and multiple pirouettes while chivvying the audience into hilarious onstage participation...More bolshy than Bolshoi!" The Herald
Robyn Perkins at Monkey Business Comedy Club
Award-winning hilarious story-teller ROBYN PERKINS (Her) material is sharp, insightful, touching, but above all really, really funny' (Three Weeks)'... engagingly chatty delivery... with honesty and wit' (Steve Bennett, Chortle)
 PAOLA PODESTA  at Monkey Business Comedy Club
exciting delightful Italian comedian PAOLA PODESTA
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