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blog 2010

Saturday 2 January 2010  

 Allthough our first show of the season was very entertaining including great sets from the excellent
Pippa Evans as Loretta Maine

 Ronnie Golden 

 controversial new character actSid Smif as a BMP candidate Sid Smif got himself heckled by a Jewish female audience member who shouted  out you are not funny. It has to be stated that Sid diden`t use any tact with his reaction  , being both unpleasant and personal towards her .  Speaking to Sid Smif after the show, he less trIed to justify himself offering an apology for his conduct.I  do strongly believe in taking chances at Monkey Business , Those occasional risks often mean there is plenty to talk about .So there was that positive side to the night I guess.   

Thursday 7 January 2010

 It was snow and ice on the streets ,but that did not stop our new act night from being a happy full house. A large group of students who had been strongly recommended to the club came along to celebrate fellow student Pippa`s birthday.  It was a lovely show with some very enjoyable performers that included Luke Stephen Luke Stephen and Julia Clark a performer I had never seen before was that good I have invited her for a paid spot this Saturday  Saturday 9 January 2010
 We had a full house with a wonderful show with superb performances from
  Matt Kirshen
Sol Bernstein
  Spencer Brown & 
 newcomer Julia Clark
Thursday 14 January 2010  
 There were a number of new acts that impressed me tonight especially the hugely enjoyable
Jay Forman
 who I have already invited for a fully paid Saturday night spot. I also liked 
Tom Rosenthal   
Naz Osmanoglu   
Saturday 16 January 2010
 It was another super show that included
Nick Doody  

Paul Foot


Barry from Watford

 Thursday 21 January 2010

another full house for our new act night with some of the performers like
Kat Cade  coming from Canterbury .
again there were some really great acts. Robert Commiskey really stood out. I also liked South African Dale Amler + Liam Reeve doing his first ever public performance was also notable and one to keep an eye on for the future.
Saturday 23 January 2010
 A nice show with a packed house that included sets fine from
Bafta winning 

 Nina Conti


Mitch Benn  

The History Girls who are newcomers also went down a treat  
Thursday 28 January 2010

It  was a packed house for our new act night yet again .
Russell Brand`s agent John Noel was our special guest tonight  to watch one of his new signings Michelle de Swarte from Hackney who we both enjoyed ,and found very impressive.
Saturday 30 January 2010

  Another packed house enjoyed a super show with
  Carey  Marx

 Lee Nelson

Simon Lipson   & Ross Browne 

Saturday 6 February 2010  

The big highlight tonight was the excellent performance of an unknown in this country called 
Daliso Chaponda 

who recently toured South Africa  with one of the world`s most famous comedians in CHRIS ROCK. 
Daliso Chaponda

had the crowds in a frenzy of laughter.

At the very end of of the show ,as I called out the names of the five acts that had entertained us during the evening .The audience shouted,  screamed, and banged for more from the young comic from Malawi who gave them  another five minutes of class comedy. . Other acts on the bill that contributed towards the superb night included Perrier winner  
BRENDON BURNS replacing Lucy Porter who is unwell
Felix Dexter

  and newcomer  Rob Carter who also impressed with some funny songs 
Sunday 7 February 2010 
   Monkey Business holds the number one spot on the Time Out website meaning there is more hits for our club then any other.Time Out - London - Logo
 Monday 8 February 2010
 We had a small turn out for our first of three gigs for the people of Haiti ,but it was still very enjoyable for all including Omid Djalili`s personal manager who was our very special guest .Two of the superb acts on tonight were Daliso Chaponda   
and The Noise Next Door  who found a girl in the audience who wanted to become a sex shop worker in Brighton one day.Omid Djalili`s manager told me that Omid would be happy to perform at Monkey Business again,but is  on crutches at the moment.
  Saturday 13 February 2010 
Another packed house tonight.
Three of the four acts did very well in
 Spencer Brown Kerry Godliman
 however Jaik Campbell a very nice fellow
 found it diffilcult to connect with the audience on his ocasion.
Monday 15 February 2010   Haiti Earthquake show special raised  approx £400 which included wonderful performances from  ADAM BLOOM
 AVA VIDAL     & Jay Forman  RECIEPT BELOW IS FOR £370 we covered costs by taking out only £34 .Many warm thanks to all the acts that took partHaiti Earthquake appealregarding the above comedy gig. 
I  signed an aid declaration form to prevent 30% taxes on the donation.
 I got tangled in mic leads causing me to fall on to the front row spilling glasses of beer over them. They took it the incident with good humour,especially as I got them all  a fresh round of drinks.  It was a memorable night   

 Friday 19 February 2010    Yet again Monkey Business has held on to the number one spot on the Time Out website Time Out - London - Logo confirming that our club is regarded by thousands of comedy lovers as one of the most popular comedy clubs in the UK today. 


  Saturday 20 February 2010   It was another brilliant night full of fun and laughter enjoyed by a happy full house. There were excellent performances by all the acts which were

Chris Ramsey 

  Jay Forman

 Danny Buckler 

Chris McCausland  

and  Barry from Watford
Sunday 21 February 2010 Just heard the very sad news that top  musical comic Jason Wood passed away at the very young age of 38 years old. My heart goes out to his family and friends
Monday 21 February 2010  Unlike last Monday our Haiti Earth quake appeal didn't  attract more then just a handful of people tonight which was really a shame as there were some wonderful performances by twelve acts.
 BRIAN GITTENS  was outstanding              

  Tuesday 22 February 2010   Jason Wood tribute
I went  along to a West End venue where family and friends of Jason Wood paid some lovely tributes with equal measure of tears and humour, Perhaps it was mainly humour.Among the comics that made very moving speeches were Ninja Benjamin,John Ryan,and Cole Parker.
Jason Woods soul mate Paula gave a really wonderful  speech and in site into the man .Everyone told of what a decent bloke he was never having a bad word to say about anyone. There were also really nice speeches from members of Jason Wood`s family who told quite a number of funny stories involving Jason .RIP
Saturday 27 February 2010 
Rich Hall

put in a top secret performance tonight to a delighted audience.

)Nina Conti

 also on the bill was another huge treat along with newcomer
 Robert Commiskey
  Saturday 6 March 2010  
  Zoe Lyons

  Josh Howie
Dan Antopolski 
 winner of 2009 best joke told at Edinburgh fringe were all excellent tonight
Saturday 13 March 2010
Matthew Osbourn  was superb tonight ,and the wonderful impressionist

 Anil Desai also made it a nice evening,musical performer Ashleigh Freeze helped out with an extended set of amusing songs.
On another subject  a man who knows a girl who was one of the backing singers in my band  from the eighties handed me a tape of my songs that I thought were lost songs for ever.
Sunday 14 March 2010 I spoke to the performer who never turned up yesterday and he told me that he had next week in his diary,so it seems that the agent was responsible for the cock-up.
Monday 15 March 2010  Brilliant Lee Nelson did some new material at our new act night tonight.
 Saturday 20 March 2010  
Pete Firman     that exciting showman and magician
  along with The History Girls were the two acts that really did well tonight . Also on the bill was old school Canadian comic  Mike Wilmotwho i think spilt the room as not everyone in posh Belsize Park appreciated his direct sexual content on this occasion.
Saturday 27 March 2010  
A  happy full house enjoyed a super variety night which included
  TOM  ADAMS       
 Michelle De Swarte    
Dan Schreiber ,and  RAY GREEN
I did a photo shoot with three sexy girls lifting me in the air to publicize our forth coming singles comedy night for the Camden Gazette
 Martin Besserman with punters (from left) Nicola Hayden, Sophie Moore and Lauren Priest
Martin Besserman performing at his own club on 29 March 2010 photo taken by Nurul Mohamad …
included on the bill on 29 March
was super poet  Furious George Wielgus
photo taken by Nurul Mohamad 
   Wednesday 31 March 2010  NOT FUNNY  metropolitan Police Sergeant Delroy Smellie was acquitted of attacking animal rights activist Nicola Fisher during the G20 demonstrations last April.I don`t understand how that can be justice when everybody in the world watched film evidence of his despicable aggression.
Thursday 1  April  2010  We were nicely busy for tonight with most of the new acts giving great accounts of themselves.The big highlight though was a super set from established act
Nathan Caton 
Our singles comedy night has just over a half a page write-up in the Camden Gazette
Saturday 3 April 2010 
with all the acts doing well which included   
Andy Zaltzman
ABANDOMAN who stormed it            
 Stephen Carlin  
and  Norwegian Daniel Simonsen
Sunday 4 April 2010 
Rob Broderick  from ABANDOMAN sent me this smashing email.Hi Martin,I just wanted to drop a note to say thank you for last night’s show. James and I enjoyed ourselves so much, and met some lovely people both during and after the show.  It was a great night, we're really looking forward to our next gig with you.All the best Rob (and James) Rob Broderick  from ABANDOMAN sent Sunday 4 April 2010
Thursday 8 April 2010 
The  Kentish Town venue suddenly closed for refurbishment meaning I had to postpone our new act night tonight.
I dont know how long this will be for .I feel a fair bit of embarrassment .
Friday 9 April 2010 
 at The Sir Richard Steele Chalk Farm  
Monkey Business  launched the UK`s first
BRAND NEW  SINGLES COMEDY NIGHT  which attacted about 60 people. Everyone loved the free veggie buffet
The girls seemed to out number guys by two to one, but I certainly observed plenty of girls seeking men out to chat to with phone numbers  exchanging.
 Will Smith 
   Deborah Frances-White  who has just had her own sell-out show in the West End and singer song writerJay Foreman   Conclusion a big success.   Saturday 10 April 2010  
A nice evening which included a well known  ITV news reporter.
 in the audience.
  I felt it took a touch longer then usual to warm up the crowd tonight considering the high quality bill
which included
 Will Smith

 + the brilliant
Andy Watson

Shazia Mirza 
  who did only a short set because she arrived at 11.50pm being caught up in a heavy traffic.
Sunday 11 April 2010
 Monkey Business holds the number one spot on the Time Out website Time Out - London - Logo again .

The popularity of my club is making me feel happy.

Saturday 17 April 2010    
We had a strong line up tonight,but a smaller crowd then usual in to witness the huge talents of
Daliso Chaponda
who recently toured with Chris Rock
   + filthy     Ninjia Benjamin

 and newcomers Henry Ginsberg
 Michelle De Swarte    
Saturday 24 April 2010 
 A full house tonight for one of our best shows of the season so far with

Jack Whitehall 

  if award winner Brendon Burns    &

Lee Nelson
+ Pete Firman      +Alex Maple

Saturday 1 May 2010  

 We had another very strong line up  which included excellent performances from 

Micky Flanagan

LEE NELSON who was preparing for his own up coming BBC3 series and
 OWEN O`NEILL who was performing his first ever Monkey Business gig

 Friday 7 May 2010 singles comedy night 
four super acts entertained a small crowd tonight.
 Brian Gittins   

  Pete Firman  
Daniel Simonsen
+        Andy Watson   Andy Watson The downstairs bar had a lot of Labour people there includingTony Blair`s former political adviser

Alistair Campbell  Either he was drowning his sorrows after Labour losing the election,or was  planning to help Gordon Brown seek coalitionover a few beers.   

Saturday 8 May 2010  
 It was a smashing night with strong performances from
Felix Dexter  Wes Zahauk 
Henning Wehn   
Hannah George  
   John Kearnes

and Ryan Cull
Saturday 15 May 2010
It was a fun packed variety night which included performances  from South Afircan comic

Loyiso Gola Ava Vidal

Paul Kerensa & Steve Day

    Tuesday 18 May 2010 at UNDER SOLO

Camden Town  our new act included very enjoyable Sy Thomas


 Thursday 20 May 2010 I danced the night away at Proud in Camden and felt good.
 Saturday 22 May 2010

A really lovely night with entertaiment provided by    





and  Chastity Buttersworth

 Monday 24 May 2010 It was a  very busy new act night ,with some great new performers 

Tuesday 25 May 2010  Another  enjoyable evening for our new act night tonight  Wednesday 26 May 2010

HARRY HILL told me today that he might be able to put some fresh dates in at Monkey Business when he returns from his holidays in about two weeks time.  Thursday 27 May 2010 Lee Nelson  a very good friend of mine and Monkey Business regular is about to become the huge star  I always predicted would happen as the BBC push hard advertising his own brand new BBC3 series just before the showing of East Enders
   Satuday 29 May 2010 Francine Kay  famous celebrity divorce doctor was amongst the happy audience members tonight with entertainment provided by                                      Barry & Stewart the two magicians 
  Matthew Osborn                
 David Baker
Old Spanish Man
  and newcomer Chris Barton.    Monday 31 May 2010It was a very special night for our Bank Holiday special with a lot of happy faces . 
with excellent acts including
LORETTA MAINE doing her Edinburgh preview
 sketch group
The Noise Next Door
and TV presenter DJ & comic

  Friday 4 June 2010  

Spoke to Stephen Merchant tonight and it looks promising that he might put in another gig for me soon
Saturday 5 June 2010 It was a very warm night,  but that diden`t stop about fifty people coming along to have a good time in the company of   
+ superb magician and funnyman

our guest MC was DANIEL SIMONSEN
 Tuesday 8 June 2010

Met up with actor Roger Lloyd Pack  best known as Trigger    in only Fools and Horses.Roger & I spoke about the possibility of doing a brand new project  togeather . 

  Thursday 10 June 2010

LEE NELSON on his 1st BBC3  Feelgood show was just brilliant,Luved it Luved it Luved it

       Tuesday 14 June 2010 

 Matthew Wright  on his morning  program made a nice mention of his time at Monkey Business last night. 

 Saturday 19 June 2010
it was a top secret gig from
 Irish Super star
Patrick Kielty
 one of the funniest men on the planet performed at Monkey Business tonight to a very delighted audience. The  line up also included heart throb and  TV personality
 ALEX ZANE (this is Alex Zane performing on the night

Monday 20 June 2010
Michael McIntyre`s agent kindly sorted me out some guest ticket`s to see the great man at the Comedy Store for his road show .
Michael McIntyre.jpg
I had a nice little chat with Michael McIntyre just before he took to the stage. He said jokeingly that I owed him £50 for his last performance at Monkey Business in 2007 .
   Friday 2 July  2010  
 My friend Chris Hilton (The Ex - Odeon Leicester Square boss) was awarded the MBE today from the Queen at Buckingham Palace. Later in the day I was one of his guests at number 1 Leicester Square to celebrate this great event with lots of champagne
Christopher Hilton
THE New Year`s Day Honours list has showered accolades on a number of Westminster figures noted for their contributions to the arts, medicine, charity and broadcasting.
Christopher Hilton has been awarded an MBE for services to the film industry. Mr Hilton served as general manager at the Odeon Cinema in Leicester Square, arguably the jewel in the crown of British cinema, for more than 10 years.
During his tenure, he oversaw numerous high-profile premiieres, met the entire Royal Family, and sat through more films than he cares to remember
Saturday 3 July 2010 
 Russian comedian  TATAIANA OSTRAKOVA
 were among  the acts contributing to a enjoyable night ,allthough it was a bit quite due to hot weather and the world cup distractions
Monday 5 July 2010 
 at The Sir Richard Steele Chalk Farm
We had a very special night  with Edinburgh preview`s from both

star of  BBC 3
and star of Bellamy`s people   FELIX DEXTER
Tuesday 6 July 2010
Lee Nelson performs again .
Lee Nelson performing at Monkey Business

Tuesday 6 July 2010

above Martin Besserman and Lee Nelson
photo taken 6 July 2010
Friday 9 July 2010

tonight we had  EDINBURGH PREVIEWS  from both
 Shazia Mirza 

and Tom Wrigglesworth performing at Monkey Businesss for the first time.
 Shazia had to work very hard on this occasion to break any ice with tonight`s audience ,but they really warmed to Tom`s performance.
Saturday 10  July 2010  
 and MATT KIRSHEN             
and MICHLLE De SWARTE           

were some of the funny performers that provided tonights entertainment   

 Monday 12 July 2010
 EDINBURGH PREVIEWS from fantastic

+ LOTS OF OTHER ACTS  turned out to be our busyiest night for sometime with about 60 people in.  

  Monday 19 July 2010
at The Sir Richard Steele Chalk Farm
Again ,we had about 60 people in for our new act night thanks mainly to the very popular camp comic
Stephen Bailey
bringing with him a huge crowd of fans including
Russell Brand`s agent John Noel
The LA PEEPI featuring Madam K Butt Butt & Flappy Lips Katula K Ka with two hot girls stole tonight`s show for me.
 Tuesday 20 July 2010A full house tonight enjoyed Felix Dexter performing his class Edinburgh preview      Tuesday 27 July 2010

Abigoliah Schamaun a visiting comic from New York was very impressive at our new act night tonight that I have included her in a allready amazing bill this Saturday.  Wednesday 28 July 2010good news for BullsLawmakers dealt the death blow to bullfighting in Catalonia on Wednesday, outlawing the centuries-old blood sport for the first time in a mainland region of Spain. Skip related content
The result of 68 in favour, 55 against the ban was expected, since the Catalonian parliament had cast preliminary votes in December accepting a citizens' petition to stop bullfighting on the grounds that it constituted cruelty to animals.
     Saturday 31 July 2010 It was an amazing line up which attracted allmost a full house withWill Smith +  Ava Vidal
 + highly entertaning Aussie visitorsThe Nelson Twins

Mathew Osborn
Abigoliah Schamaun

Dan Schreiber
 and Tim Marshall     Friday 6 August 2010  Harry Hill  sent me a message today to say that he liked this photo of us taken in 2004. He diden`t mention  gigging again at Monkey Business so I would guess that he must be still busy with another series of TV BURB coming on air soon.     
Saturday 7 August 2010

We had a  happy full house  for our very attractive bill  with excellent sets from

Matt Kirshen
 Nick Doody                         

   Danny Buckler            + super poet  Furious George Wielgus   &   Tony Izzet   Saturday 14 August 2010 Another very enjoyable night which included great performances from   Johnny Kats
 Geoff BoyzJohn Kudlick
David Baker
     & Marian Pashley  

 Saturday 21 August 2010 Another happy full house with everyone enjoying a fabolous evening with fine performances from

  Multi Award winning MILTON JONES .

 Milton Jones performing at Monkey Business Saturday 21 August 2010

+Fergus Craig

 Jen Brister               Alex Maple    &                      Laura Haydon                        

  I  managed to trip over on stage again ,just as  Milton Jones came off stage ,and gosh did it hurt. 

Sunday 22 August 2010

 HARRY HILL  sent me a new message today  regarding the photo below taken at Monkey Business on 24 April 2008 ,

two days after Harry Hill won two Bafter`s QUOTE: Harry Hill:  

What a spendid photo of figure of a fine man,Who is he ?     

 Monday 23 August 2010Monkey Business regular Tim Vine won funniest joke
at this year's Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
Saturday 28 August 2010 another smashing night that included sets from  

SOL BERNSTEIN  Wednesday 1 September  I had been booked in at The Oxford Kentish Town for this Saturday due to a rare private event taking place at The Steeles,but they double booked ,but G-d must love me as Tollie a Italian bar resturant allmost opposite Kentish Town tube has come to my resue ,and the show will be held there this Saturday 

  Thursday 2 September Monkey Business has a smashing whole page article in  today`s new edition of Ham & High regarding Asperger`s suffering comic Don Biswas who performs with us this

Saturday 4 September .  Saturday 4 September 2010
    due to a private event at our usual venue
 we held our show tonight at an Italian resturant in Kentish Town called Tolli
 A full house enjoyed an amazing bill which included sets fro

Tom Wrigglesworth  
Alistair Barry
    Australian visitor

Jason ChongJason Chongand  Don Biswas 
The owner of Tolli sang a romantic ballard to end a super night,allthough his wife heckle`d in Italian Stop or we get divorced.(obviously not so impressed      Tuesday 7 September 2010Met up with Rhona Cameron today at The Steeles and the 45 year old super comedian has agreed to put in a possible date at Monkey Business in the near future .

Wednesday 8 September 2010

PROUD CABARET in Tower Hill .
It was the first time that I ever co hosted a show with anyone which I did with the lovely Laura London ,but it all went very well for both of us.
Saturday 11 September 2010
Lee Nelson put in a secret appearance tonight 

  Monday 13 September 2010
Lee Nelson put in another secret appearance tonight delighting everyone.
Saturday 18 September 2010
 We had a strong line up with wild man IAN COGNITO
    Pete Firman
Matt Green
  Tez Ilyas
 & Murray Cummings
Saturday 25 September  2010
 We had a lovely exciting line up ,and it was another sucsessful night with an allmost full house
Entertainment was provided by
The Noise Next Door

 Marcel Lucont
  Nick Sun 
 Johnathan Grant and newcomer Pete Dillon Trenchard 
Monday 27 September  2010
Lenny Henry

 was booked in tonight to do a warm up spot at Monkey Business  for his Live at the Appollo appearance on  Wednesday.
  Very sadly I got a phoncall from his agent telling me that Lenny Henry had been rushed to hospital at 5pm . It appears to be connected with his return trip from Kenya. I got in Felix Dexter as his replacement.
Tuesday  28 September  2010Lenny Henry was again booked in tonight ,but remains still in hospital feeling poorly .I replaced Lenny with Gina Yashere  Greg Davies from The Inbetweeners Greg Davies         plus we had                              Daliso Chaponda who recently toured South Africa  with one of the world`s most famous comedians in CHRIS ROCK.   Thursday 3O September 2010  Lenny Henry still remains unwell ,and I hear has needed to pull out of  hosting BBC1`S  Live At The Appolo gig this week .I got an email today from his agent to say that he will make every effort to put in some pre tour gigs in at Monkey Business around December and January time.  Thursday 3O September 2010Ham & High has in today`s edition of their newspaper another full page feature on Mokey Business and the appearance of a forth coming act . Barry From Watford                               Saturday 2 October 2010  Richard Gibson best known for his comedy role as Herr Flicfk in Ello Ello was an audience member tonight  along with his 15 year old actor son  Paddy who did a 5minute magic set for us .Everybody loved Paddy`s cheeky charm.Richard Gibson as Herr Otto Flick Paddy was part of a very attactive line line up that included
top stand up  NATHAN CANTON

and wonderful
Stephen Carlin

  Saturday 9 October 2010
My step mum and sister came from Spain to be at tonights show .
We had a superb variety bill tonight  with seven acts ,MICHAEL SMILEY  


Screen Shot 1
 musical comic

dance duo
Bareback Banshees 
 + stand up DAVID BAKER  and voice & song from ULA  Monday 11 October 2010 MONKEY BUSINESSIN CONJUNTION WITH Russell Brands agent John Noel and CHANNEL 4 filming took place to see how the 25 performers i chose tonight would look on camera for a possible futureTV production the very dirtyKatie Hearsey   was an act that caught the eye .   Saturday   16 October 2010  
hugely popular
Andy Zalzsman
headlined  a fantastic show which also saw the talents of Mock the Week girl
Danielle Ward
class magic from
Barry & Stewart The Two Magicians
Henry Ginsberg
 +Benny Boot
   Monday 18 October 2010  

A highly enjoyable new act night included
  smashing character comic Fran Moulds 

  Wednesday 20 October 2010
Channel 4  filmed tonight`s Monkey Business gig.
It was a full house and a ery succsessful night.
Lots of the performers did very well including  Rob Carter,Henry Ginsberg,John Kerns,The History Girls ,Nobby,Laura Carr James Grant.Nick Sun,Old Spanish Sun , and Luke Stephen
Saturday 23 October 2010 
We had a smashing night
 Nathern Caton
David Whitney
         Ryan Cull +
excellent award winning Aussie atand up
Celia Pacquola

       Dan Wright