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with photos of acts that have appeared at Monkey Business

Omid Djilli on Saturday 6 August 2016

Harry Hill and Martin Besserman in Greenroom Tuesday 28 April  2015

At Proud Camden


Harry Hill performing at Monkey Business on Wednesday 30 March  2011


Harry Hill performing at Monkey Business on Wednesday 9 July 2008


Harry Hill performing
at The Monkey Business comedy club
 on Thursday 24 April 2008 just a 2 days after winning two Bafta`s.


Harry Hill & Lee Nelson in green room after both performing at Monkey Business in September 2008


Harry Hill and Martin Besserman in 2004

 Russell  Howard & Stephen Merchant photos 

 Saturday 5 December 2009 


 Russell Howard  performing at Monkey Business

March 2009

 Stephen Merchant performing at Monkey Business Friday 6 March 2009


Martin Besserman +  Stephen Merchant +  Russell Howard  

relaxing in The Green Room  after show on Friday 6 March 2009 


 Lee mack Martin Besserman and sean hughs photo

 Saturday 25 July 2009 


Lee Mack performing at Monkey Business  Saturday 25 July 2009 


Sean Hughs performing at Monkey Business Saturday 25 July 2009 


 Alex Zane  performing at Monkey Business Sat 19 June 2010



Martin Besserman with Patrick Kielty in Monkey Business green room Sat 19 June 2010


 Patrick Kielty with Alex Zane in Monkey Business green room 19 June  2010



Patrick Kielty performing at Monkey Business Sat 19 June 2010




 Chris Addison 2011

Chris Addison


Dave Gorman performing at Monkey Business 2011

Dave Gorman


Luisa Omielan performing at Monkey Business in 2013


Nish Kumar performing  at Monkey Business in 2014



Magnus Betner performing at Monkey Business in 2011



Lee Nelson  in 2011 performing at Monkey Business

Reginald D Hunter performing Sat 6 June 2009


Reginald D Hunter performing  2015


Greg Davies star of The Inbetweeners performing in early 2011


Milton Jones  performing at Monkey Business in August 2010


 Noel Fielding   performing at Monkey Business in December 2005




Stewart Lee     Monkey Business in 2009


Ed Byrne


Martin Besserman and Omid DJILI in Monkey Business greenroom Nov 1 2008

Andi Osho photo taken 21 /7 /12


Arthur Smith 2013


Ellie Taylor taken 28/7/12

Gina Yashere 2010


Ellen Hansson performing 28/7/12


Martin Besserman & Ellen Hansson 28/712


Martin Besserman & Noel Fielding playing with ducks 2006



Photo taken Sat 28 April 2012 m





Henning When May 2012


Paul Chowdhry photo taken Sat 2 February 2013

Russell Brand last performed at Monkey Business in 2007



photo of  Martin Besserman 

 taken Sat 29 Oct 2011

at our Halloween special



Martin Besserman with Patrick Monahan on Sunday 15 October 2011

at Speakers Corner



 A happy punter with Martin Besserman July 2011


photo below is of Michael Mittermeier & Martin Besserman taken in the summer of 2011


photo of Patrick Monahan taken on Sat 17 March 2012


Paul Choudry 


Steve Hughes taken Sat 13 July 2013

Carey Marx


Richard Herring taken 6 July 2013


BRIAN MøRK Danish TV star photo taken in 2013


Martin Besserman and  BRIAN MøRK 


Danish -Filipino comedin and magician Sunny Cagra


Lee Nelson Sat 25 Jan 2014


Bobby Davro and Martin Besserman April 2014


Rachel Parris on April 19th 2014

Cate McKenzie and the Love faries on April 19th 2014


Reginald D Hunter performing a secret gig on September 18 Setember 2014