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Here is the blog for 2019

Saturday 17 February 2019

It was rammed and we had an incredibly brilliant show .with a warm very receptive audience ,There were a number of powerful performances ,and so many thanks to all acts that participated which included Catherine Bohart , Conor Drum & Inder Manocha


Saturday 2 March 2019

 Monkey Business enjoyed a full house ,and it was a brilliant atmosphere .I think it is fair to say that most were there to see

Bobby Davro ,and he was in electrifying form with jokes and songs .He sang a Johnny Mathis song for my mum When I asked everyone to applaud the acts at the end of the show people just started singing I could walk 4000 miles again (A song he got everyone to sing during his wonderful set .Also thanks to the other acts on the bill Lewis Schaffer,Hurt & Anderson ,& Anil Desai


Saturday 9 March 2019

Some wonderful performances with audience being well entertained with Simon Brodkin aka Lee Nelson our headliner

also included Sorah Pant and Hurt and Anderson, Kate Shortt , Fraser Gibson ,Currer Ball and Hannah Fairweather

Thank you to all the acts that took part .photos below

Saturday 16 March 2019

It was a well attended sensational show with seven entertaining acts all giving brilliant performances .

Many thanks to Elliot Steel , Juan Robertson ,Konstantin Kisin, Robby Hoffman ,Fraser Gibson ,James Jarvis ,Vahid Jahangard 

Saturday 23 March 2019

Monkey Business Comedy club last Saturday night .It was another superb show with all six acts in wonderful form creating a really nice atmosphere .Thank you Madame Galina ,Anuvab Pal ,,Inder Manocha ,Ophélie Hocquard ,Peter Bazely , and Lily Phillips


Saturday 30 March 2019

Monkey Business Comedy Club last night presented a first class show which the audience loved .Big thanks to all the acts photos below 

Danny Posthill ,Mandy Muden , Robin Morgan, Inder Manocha, Hannah Fairwheather


Saturday 6 April 2019

MONKEY BUSINESS LAST NIGHT.We had a happy full house ,and the audience were treated to an exciting variety show with some wonderful performances .Ian Smith and Nigel Ng provided brilliant stand up .Gatis Kandis charmed them with his silly chat and ridiculous songs .Federica Binanti told her funny story's ,and Julia Masli was pure joy with her clowning around on stage .Thank you to all the acts for being part of a lovely night of entertainment

Saturday 13 April 2019

It was another sensational show with five brilliant acts headlined by Clinton Baptiste aka Alex Lowe , .Otiz Cannelloni ,Matt Price ,Mark Felgate and Adam Riley were also part of a smashing night of Monkey Business entertainment .(Matt Price gave a moving tribute to Ian Cognito during his set .Many thanks to all who took part .This show got another 5 star review on google maps 

Saturday 20 April 2019 

MONKEY BUSINESS LAST NIGHT We were rammed which is very unusual for a baking hot Easter weekend ,and our show featuring seven brilliant acts was out of this world .There was much laughter and an electric atmosphere making me feel deeply proud .Huge thanks to all acts that took part 

Roland Saunders, Jay Foreman , President Obonjo ,Fiona Ridgwell,Andre Ricks , Matt Gifford, Lara Ricote


Wednesday 8 May 2019

There were many faces that I knew at Cogwake last night,but it was really lovely to see Jeff Green who had made the long trip from Australia to be there .In the early days Jeff performed at Monkey Business regularly


Saturday 18 May 2019

The Euro vision song contest was competition for us but we still went ahead with a first class show photos below

Acts included Roland Saunders ,Maggy Whitehouse and Jack Charlie Beavis



Saturday 25 May 2019

Monkey Business was headlined by

Britain`s Got Talent finalist Robert White , nice seta too from Caroline Beaton 

Kate Smurthwaite and Lewis Schaffer


Wednesday 12 June 2019

photo taken with my lovely multi talented friend Jessica Martin at her book signing 


Thursday 11 July 2019

We had a reasonable crowd considering it was another hot summers night ,Big thanks to Glenn Moore and (Sarah Keyworth who were both very entertaining in their performances .Sarah had much fun with a Trump supporting member of the audience named Jonny



Saturday 13 July 2019

It was almost a full house ,a warm receptive audience 
enjoyed a brilliant evening of high entertainment by four superb comedians who were all in tremendous form .
Thank you to special Indian guest Sumit Anand , 
Alfie Brown ,Robert White & Adam Riley .


Thursday 18 july 2019

It was an excellent well attended gig with superb performances .

Thank you to The Nelson Twins ,Athena Kugblenu , Willis & Vere and Gatis Kandis



Saturday 27 July 2019

Monkey Business Comedy Club  with a mainly female audience was in hysterical laughter throughout the whole show .

Glenn Moore ,Roland Saunders and El Baldiniho all gave extraordinarily performances


Saturday 7 September 2019

Here are photo`s brilliant Monkey Business show 

which included Simon Brodkin aka Lee Nelson ,Anuvab Pal ,Sid Bowfin ,Inder Manocha ,Claudine Ullman ,Kat  Ashish Scientist Kat Kasipopa ,Martin Besserman



Tuesday 24 September 2019 

Monkey Business last night`s fundraiser for The Gorilla foundation .It was such an incredible gig with superb performances from all the acts with several hundred pounds raised .Those who dedicate their time and work to help our closest primemates are such extrodianary people ,so thank you to them and to the fab acts that performed for no payment .( My heart goes out to Cally Caroline Beaton who took a flight especially to be with us but flight was delayed and it was to late .Cally was there in sprit .

Alistair Beckett King , Alan Feancis .Don Biswas , Cecilla Delaney Ian Duncan Smiths



Saturday 28 September 2019


ard and The Monks Yazan Fetto gave outstanding performances .The audience liked and laughed during Chris McGlade`s. powerful controversial set ,but it will always be challenging to do pro brexit material to a 100% remain audience I . Nell Sparrow was our delightful newcomer and did well ,and thank you also to our other newbie Richard Stott .Everyone left smiling and happy


Saturday 12 October 2019

We were rammed ,.The audience were treated to an extrodianary brilliant show and they laughed loudly thoughout .It was a fantastic atmosphere Our headliners Simon Brodkin and Mark Simmons gave world class performances ,but all the acts Don Biswas ,Jamie Hutchinson ,Kate Barron ,and Katie Boyle were also in flying form